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Thank you for visiting The National Latino Law Enforcement Organization website. NLLEO is committed on improving your daily work conditions and will provide direction and representation to your inter-departmental grievances or related issues.

The NLLEO hopes you find our website informative and return often for news and updates.


Our Board Members

Meet the Board of Directors for the National Latino Law Enforcement Organization.


From The President

We want to welcome everyone to the National Latino Law Enforcement Organization (NLLEO).


About The NLLEO

The National Latino Law Enforcement Organization (NLLEO) was established in 1991 to provide membership representation.

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Latest News

September 11th, 2001 rocked America to the core. We will always remember the bravery, strength, and courage the first responders portrayed on that day. On September 11th, please take a moment to honor the 343 heroes who lost their lives. Check out the 9/11 Memorial & Museum website to find a memorial near you....
We love the viral video from HeartThreads that tells the story of a Texas police officer calming down a nervous child. He let the boy sit in his patrol car and gave him a tour of the police department. The best part? That boy wants to be a police officer when he grows up now! Can’t wait to have you as a brother in law enforcement, Jacob! Check out the video here!...
Our brothers and sisters in blue may not normally wear capes on the job, but the Austin Police Department did when they dressed up as superheroes at their local children’s medical center. We love sharing what our fellow law enforcement officers are doing in their communities! Check out the PoliceOne.com story and full KXAN video here....

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